Nan Bostick
Menlo Park, California
Updated 9/1/04

Nan Bostick of Menlo Park, CA, is the grand niece and biographer of Charles Daniels (Neil Moret), composer of such well loved standards as "You Tell Me Your Dream I'll Tell You Mine," "Chlo-e," "She's Funny That Way," and "Sweet and Lovely." Serving as editorial director of Jerome H. Remick Music Co. in Detroit and as President of Villa Moret Music Publishers, San Francisco, Nanís "Uncle Charlie" was responsible for discovering and publishing numerous ragtime composers. As Nan often demonstrates at the piano, Daniels composed some good rags himself.

Hailed as one of ragtime's most dedicated researchers, Nan is a frequent contributor to vintage music publications and her musical seminars and performances are warmly received at festivals throughout the country. She has a particular love for the early ragtime and popular music of Detroit and in 2001, Detroit sponsored her to perform and lecture on that subject during the city's 300th birthday celebration. Nan is also the acknowledged "expert" on the "Indian Intermezzo" craze (inadvertently initiated by her great uncle's 100-year-old standard "Hiawatha") and she is collaborating with Missouri's Dr. Nora Hulse on completing a lexicon of ragtime's women composers.

Nan served on the Board of the West Coast Ragtime Society and was the editor of the WCRS's "Ragtimer." She is also the publicity director for the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival and co-founder of the Mother Lode Ragtime Society. Under the guise of "Granny Nanny" she frequently challenges "Hot Rod" Tom Brier to piano competitions. Their shtick-filled "Piano Duel of the Century" has become a popular road show.