Susann Almasi
Clayton, California
Updated 7/8/05
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Susann Almasi is a fifteen year old from Clayton, California and attends Northgate High School as a sophomore. She began playing the piano at the age of 5, and came across ragtime four years later while looking though a collection of sheet music at home. Later, she was introduced to noted ragtime pianist, Virginia Tichenor, vice president, and past president of the West Coast Ragtime Society, who opened her eyes to the world of ragtime music. This led Susann to  become a member of the Sacramento Ragtime Society, where she enjoys listening to ragtime music and the company of other ragtime music lovers, as well as the opportunity to perform regularly.

Susann began performing as a solo pianist in 2003, and has since enjoyed playing at senior centers, restaurants, and music festivals, such as the Ragtime Corner at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and the West Coast Ragtime Festival. Besides playing ragtime music and several of Gershwin's works on the piano, Susann also performs as a percussionist with three bands at her high school and the regional Honor Band. This year Susann won first place  for her piano performance  in the Youth Music Competition at the Bear Valley Music Festival in the high school category.

 Her other interests include reading, and participating in national and international science competitions.