Tichenor Family Five
St. Louis, MO; Edwardsville, IL; Oakland, CA
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Trebor Jay Tichenor, the patriarch of the family is a pianist, composer, collector and scholar of ragtime. He is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. Trebor discovered ragtime when he was thirteen years old and has become one of its leading composers and historians. With an emphasis on folk ragtime, he has performed for more than forty yeas. In 1961 he co-founded the St. Louis Ragtimers band, with whom he still performs. In the late 1970’s he coauthored Rags and Ragtime with David Jasen and produced two folios of ragtime, Ragtime Rarities and Ragtime Rediscoveries. He has taught a course in the history of ragtime at Washington University for over thirty years.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Virginia Tichenor has been consumed by ragtime her entire life. Growing up amid one of the world’s largest collection of ragtime sheet music and piano rolls, she was greatly influenced by her father’s music and began playing ragtime piano as a teenager. Virginia performs ragtime at festivals and concerts across the country. She also plays jazz piano with the Devil Mountain Jazz Band is currently vice president, formerly president, of the West Coast Ragtime Society in Sacramento, California.

Virginia met Marty Eggers in 1994 at a jazz festival in San Diego, California. Shortly after their first meeting Virginia moved to California. Marty and Virginia married in 1997 and live in Oakland, California.

Marty Eggers’ music career began in Sacramento, where as a teenager he helped found the Sacramento Ragtime Society. He plays with such nationally-know groups as the Butch Thompson Trio, the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra and the Carl sonny Leyland Trio. Marty is a versatile musician, playing piano, string bass and tuba.

Trebor, Virginia and Marty have been working together as The Tichenor Family Trio since 1996. Their first recording, called Family Album, was released in 2000. They perform both solo and in two-piano configurations at ragtime festivals and concerts across the country.

In 2004 Virginia’s brother, Andrew Tichenor, and his wife, Susanna Woodard Tichenor brought their considerable musical talents to the band. The Tichenor Family Five recorded what has become the critically acclaimed Family Reunion CD.

Andrew “Andy” Tichenor studied piano as a youngster, but was more attracted to the trumpet and began to pursue serious trumpet studies by age sixteen. He holds a degree in music from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois, and is a top freelance trumpet player in the St. Louis area. He is the lead trumpet player with the Muny Opera and the Fox Theater in St. Louis and is often called to perform with the St. Louis Symphony. He ahs performed with Tony Bennett, Ray Charles and Doc Severinson, to name just a few.

Andy met Susanna Woodard in the early 1990’s at SIU Edwardsville, and they married in 1993. Their home is in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Susanna Woodard Tichenor started playing the violin at a young age and grew up with the Southern Illinois University’s Suzuki program in Edwardsville, Illinois, where she was formally educated in music. She holds an undergraduate music degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in music from SIU Edwardsville. She plays both violin and viola and has been a member for the Illinois Symphony for over fifteen years. With her husband, Andy, she also performs at the Muny Opera in St. Louis. Susanna is currently a Suzuki music instructor at SIU Edwardsville and a freelance violin and viola player in the St. Louis area. She and Andy manage Maple Street Music Group, which hires and promotes local music groups in the St. Louis area.

For bookings and CD orders contact Marty Eggers, P.O. Box 5724, Berkeley, CA 94705-0724. Phone: (510) 655-6728. E-mail: marty_egger@juno.com.