Adam Swanson
Dansville, Michigan
Added 4/29/05

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Adam Swanson is a 13-year-old from Dansville, Michigan. He fell in love with ragtime after hearing Fig Leaf Rag on his grandparents' Web TV. He has been playing the piano for about 3 1/2 years and is the current two-time Jr. Champion of the World Championship Old Time Piano Playing Contest.

Adam performs frequently at local Senior Centers, churches and restaurants and has had the privilege of playing on stage with several of his idols, including noted ragtime artists such as, Johnny Maddox, Bob Milne, Tony Caramia, Jeff Barnhart, Dave Majchrzak and others. Adam was a big hit at the Chippewa Valley Ragtime Festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the Scott Joplin Festival in Sedalia, Missouri the past couple of years. He takes lessons from Sarah Albright (former wife of the late William Albright) and studies Jazz piano at Michigan State University. Adam also enjoys composing ragtime music and plays the trumpet.

Adam playing a duet with Bob Milne
at the 2005 Eau Claire Ragtime Festival