Hal Isbitz
Santa Barbara, California
Added 5/1/05

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Hal Isbitz is a retired computer programmer who lives in Santa Barbara California. He is a classically trained musician. He started writing ragtime in the mid-70's and to date has written over 70 rags and related pieces. Hal's music is routinely performed at ragtime festivals around the world. Several of his compositions have been recorded by the top ragtime stars. He has published sheet music and portfolios of his original compositions, all of which are available by mail order:

"Elephant Street Rag" Price $4.00

"Twelve Piano Rags by Hal Izbitz"
"Banana Peel Rag", "Beer & Skittles", "Cameo Rag",
"Carmel-by-the-Sea", "Chandelier Rag", "Consolation Rag",
"Fire Fall", "Holiday Rag", "Opalescence", "Palmetto Rag",
"Russian Maple Leaf Rag", "Sweet Alyssum". Price $21.00

"Blue Gardenia, Twelve Latin American Piano Pieces by Hal Isbitz"
"At Midnight", "Blue Gardenia", "Caterina", "Copacabana",
"Dolores", "The Flirt", "Margarita", "La Mariposa", "Meditation",
"Miranda", "Morelia", "Pierre". Price $21.00

"Panamericana, Twelve Piano Pieces by Hal Isbitz"
"Bonbon", A Day in the Country", Elephant Street Rag",
"The Guacamole Dip", "Jacaranda", "A Pearl Street Souvenir",
"Pôrto Alegre", "San Juan Bautista", "Sharpshooter Rag",
"A Summer Shower", "Sunset Cliffs", "Tortuga Blues". Price $21.00

Hal Isbitz
5238 Calle Morelia
Santa Barbara CA 93111-2503
E-mail: hal@silcom.com