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The 30th annual West Coast Ragtime Festival will be held November 18-20, 2016 at the Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova, Rancho Cordova, California.  Below is the list of performers scheduled to appear as of 9/6/2016.
Solo Performers
Elliott Adams has been playing ragtime since age 10 and is now known internationally as a ragtime player, collector, historian, writer, and composer. His extensive collection of ragtime, blues, and early jazz sheet music is available to researchers, musicians, and publishers. He has several notable solo recordings on the Stomp Off and PianoMania labels. Elliott is an intrepid golfer and a practicing dermatologist.
Paolo Alderighi was born on November 5, 1980, in Milan, Italy. He earned a degree in Piano Performance from the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan in 2000, and a degree in Economics for Arts, Culture and Media from Bocconi University in 2005. Since 1996 he performed in Italy, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kindom, Malta, and Morocco...more.
Tom Barnebey has been in trad jazz since the 1960s, when he began playing banjo and piano in pizza parlors around the Los Angeles area, and cornet with the then newly formed Jelly Roll Jazz Band. After moving to Sonoma County, he led the well regarded Jazz Salvation Company for 20 years. Over the years Tom has been a member of, or filled in on various instruments with such jazz bands as San Francisco Feetwarmers, Bear Republic, Trad Trio, Devil Mountain,,,read more.
Flutist Anne Barnhart’s musical experiences with Ivory&Gold® have taken her around the world. Her performances have been enjoyed from coast to coast in the US and abroad in places such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, French Polynesia, South America, Canada, and France just to name a few. Audiences are dazzled by her technique, awed by her tone and enthralled with her timing when bantering with her husband, pianist Jeff Barnhart...read more.
Jeff Barnhart, while now a highly regarded pianist, vocalist, arranger, bandleader, recording artist, composer, pedagogue and entertainer, Jeff had very humble beginnings. Jeff began his professional career at age 14 playing and entertaining four nights a week in a restaurant in his home state of Connecticut. Here he began to learn the classic swing, jazz and ragtime repertoire of the early 20th century. Jeff put himself through college playing throughout...read more.

Andrew E. Barrett comes from a musical family and was brought up hearing a wide variety of music in the house, from traditional jazz and swing that is his father's favorite, to the classic rock and world music enjoyed by his uncle, to the classical music, operetta, and ragtime favored by his grandfather. Although he enjoys all of this music, Andrew really latched onto the ragtime, and, also propelled by his discovery of automatic musical  instruments and their music...read more.

Mimi Blais. For Mimi, ragtime music became a way to discover her many talents as an entertainer, storyteller, communicator, educator, director, actress and composer. Classically trained (started piano at age 7, then entered the Quebec City Conservatory of Music, L.Mus, B.Mus in performance & a Concert Diploma at McGill University in Montreal, where she now lives), whatever the style of music she chooses to play, she receives unanimous praise...read more.

Tom Bopp has made his living as an entertainer since 1982, performing a wide range of piano and vocal music. In spring of 1983, Tom signed on at the historic Wawona Hotel in Yosemite National Park, and continues to perform there nightly in the hotel’s piano parlor. Born in southern California (1957) and raised in Torrance, Tom was introduced to the keyboard by his older brother Steve, who taught him how to play Chopsticks on their parents’ newly acquired...read more.

Chris & Jack Bradshaw. With 88 keys and 20 fingers at their disposal, classically trained ragtime piano duo artists, Jack and Chris, of Gilroy California, lefteously proclaim having the most piano keys held down at any one time--many of them left! Not going for speed, their quest is for clarity and classic ragtime charm as their fingers dance off the keyboard to Jack’s four-hand arrangements of popular rags, cakewalks, marches....read more.
Danny Coots - It was 1964 in upstate New York when Danny Coots began playing drums at the tender age of 6 years old. Since then, he has studied with Nick Baffaro, Rich Holly, Alan Koffman and Jim Petercsak in percussion...Danny attended The Crane School of Music and St. Lawrence University. He eventually served as adjunct faculty at St. Lawrence University, Clarkson University and Potsdam State University from the 1970s into the 1990s...more.
Kylan deGhetaldi is from Santa Cruz, California. Raised in a musical family, he discovered Scott Joplin at a young age and there was no turning back. Although he continued studying classical and jazz, eventually at both Oberlin and UC Santa Cruz, his passion remains playing the styles of ragtime, novelty, and stride piano. Kylan also has developed a small following on the internet, most notably his YouTube channel which has amassed nearly 2 million views. He also has drawn a great deal of inspiration from the compositions and styles of Tom Brier, Vincent Johnson, Max Keenlyside, Larisa Migachyov, Carl Sonny Leyland. Kylan is in charge of the Santa Cruz Ragtime Festival that happens in February. Recently he toured Europe, New Zealand and Australia playing with Postmodern Jukebox, a music collective that performs modern popular songs in ragtime and traditional jazz styles. A church organist, Kylan also enjoys composing choral music. His other nerdy passion is word games, inspiring him to become, of all things, a tournament Scrabble and Boggle player.
Richard Dowling appears regularly throughout the United States in solo recitals, at classical chamber music festivals, ragtime/jazz festivals, and as guest soloist with symphony orchestras. He has received reviews that praise him as “a master of creating beautiful sounds with impeccable control of colors and textures,” as “a musician with something to say, the skill to say it and the magnetic power to make you want to listen,” and for giving “a superb recital that left the audience craving for more at the end.” Read more.
Robyn and Steve Drivon became part of the West Coast ragtime movement in 2003 when Robyn began performing on tuba with the Porcupine Ragtime Ensemble. Soon after, Steve joined in playing trombone, and their new love for ragtime was born. Soon, Steve started showing up with his drums, which fostered the Sullivans & Drivons quartet. Since 2007, Robyn and Steve...read more.
Marty Eggers. Terry Waldo describes Marty as having "an encyclopedic knowledge of the ragtime and early jazz repertoire".  He has played with numerous Bay Area jazz and ragtime groups, including the Yerba Buena Stompers, John Gill's San Francisco Jazz Band and the Black Diamond Jazz Band. In addition to solo piano, Marty appeared at the festival for years as bassist with the Bo Grumpus Trio. He has also appeared with the Tichenor Family Trio...read more.
Andrew Greene is the founder and director of the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra, and is the leading young authority on orchestral ragtime and silent film accompaniment. He has appeared at venues including The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The Library of Congress, The American Film Institute, and has traveled across the United States to perform, conduct, and lecture on the music of America’s past. Read more.
Dale Hadley — Bio and picture to be added

Frederick Hodges specializes in the piano music and popular songs of the ragtime era, the 1920s, and the 1930s. Classically trained and groomed for a career as a concert pianist, he was happily lured away from this path after he discovered a stack of 1920s sheet music in this grandmother's piano bench. Exposure to the rollicking rhythms of player pianos and 78 RPM phonograph records sealed his fate, and he set out to master the ragtime and novelty piano playing...read more.

Brian Holland is an internationally renown pianist, composer, recording artist, and entertainer who has enjoyed a music career spanning more than 35 years. After spending his formative years playing in pizza parlors and clubs throughout Indiana, Brian’s career flourished when he discovered the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest. In 1999, he won his third title and was retired as “undefeated.” He has since returned three times to serve on the judges...read more.

Vincent Johnson's multifaceted approach to ragtime and syncopated piano music is both forward thinking and historically minded. As a pianist, he is dedicated to the oft-forgotten novelty piano style and peppers his performances with renditions of rarely heard compositions. As a transcriber, he is as likely to be transcribing a syncopated song arrangement from a Duo-Art piano roll as he is to be transcribing...read more.
Max Keenlyside, is a dazzling pianist and formidable composer and has made an auspicious entry into the music world. Born in 1991 and starting in music at the age of ten, he has written and performed music in ragtime, stride, and classical styles, gaining a reputation as a top young artist in his field. In 2009, Max represented Prince Edward Island in the National Artist’s Program, held in the conjunction with the Canada Games. A favorite at jazz and ragtime...read more.
Morten Gunnar Larsen graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music in 1978, having specialized in classic ragtime and early jazz piano, with emphasis on Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and Louis M Gottschalk. He recorded his first solo album in 1975 for which he received the ‘Spellemannsprisen’ award (the Norwegian Grammy). He  has been a regular member of: Magnolia Jazz Band, Ytre Suloens Jassensemble and The Norwegian...more
Carl Sonny Leyland. Carl Sonny Leyland was born & raised on the South Coast of England, growing up close to the city of Southampton.
As a child he was drawn to the American music which he heard on LP records his father would play. It was here that he developed an appreciation for Dixieland jazz, the rock & roll of the 1950s & the country music of Jimmie Rodgers & Hank Williams....read more.
Frank LiVolsi is a pianist and composer from Rhode Island who specializes in ragtime and early jazz. Beginning his musical education at the Knapp School of Music under the instruction of Mrs. Julia Tombello, Frank received classical training and only discovered a passionate interest in ragtime during his early teen years. Frank first performance outside New England was in 2011, when he performed at the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri...read more.
Jonathan Meredith has been playing finger-style ragtime guitar for about 40 years. He plays both nylon and steel string guitars for both classical rags and parlor rags as well as ragtime arrangements of original, popular, jazz, novelty tunes from the 30's and 40's. He plays in and around the foothill area of Nevada City and Grass Valley. In the mid 1980's he produced a series called "Ragtime" in Nevada City featuring piano, guitar, dancing, slideshows...read more.
Larisa Migachyov was born in Russia and began her classical piano training at the age of 5.  After immigrating to the United States, she quit music for many years, until, by pure chance, she saw a flyer advertising the San Antonio Ragtime Society on a supermarket bulletin board.  She attended one of the meetings and was instantly hooked.  A year later, she composed her very first rag, the Purple Chicken Rag, and premiered it at the 2006 Scott Joplin...more.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ezequiel Pallejá is a ragtime and early jazz Performer since half a century ago, participating in many Argentinian bands, like Tiempos Viejos Jazz Band, Roseland Jazz Band, Guardia Vieja Jazz Band, Antigua Jazz Band, Eureka Jazz Band, Porteña Jazz Band and at present the "Fenix Jazz Band”, attending during long time shows in Argentina and participating in International festivals in New Orleans and Connecticut, USA. Read more.

Will Perkins is a pianist originally from a small town in the Central Valley of California called Riverbank, but now living in Idaho. He has been playing the piano for 12 years and performing at Ragtime/Jazz Festivals since the age of 14 apart from a two-year hiatus as a missionary in Uruguay. His love for the traditional stride piano styles of Fats Waller, James P. Johnson and Dick Wellstood have lead him to opportunities to...read more,
John Reed-Torres is a Los Angeles native. The first time John recalls hearing Ragtime was during school recess in fourth grade when he heard an ice cream truck creeping along playing Scott Joplin’s 'The Entertainer.' Right then and there the ragtime bug bit him and sparked his love for antiquity, ranging from architecture to automobiles. Shortly after that, John began to teach himself piano and continued throughout his middle school and high school days....read more.

David Thomas Roberts began composing, painting and writing at age eight. His first serious compositions reflect the influence of such composers as Chopin, Satie, Joplin and Ives. He has composed 140 solo piano works, including the major suites Map Dreams and New Orleans Streets, as well as chamber pieces, art songs, choral and electronic works. He recorded 5 LPs (1978-1985), and has appeared on 20 CDs...read more.

Jack Rummel has pursued the piano as an amateur most of his life. A composer and reviewer, he has hosted the weekly ragtime radio program KGNU's Ragtime America since 1980. He is also founder and co-producer of the annual Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival. He practiced dentistry in Boulder, Colorado for over 30 years, retiring in 2002. He is a tireless promoter of ragtime music and its performers; his recording for Stomp Off and his recent CD releases of...read more. 
Sean Sharp is back for his seventh West Coast Ragtime Festival. This year (2016) he will present Dixie Days an illustrated-songs program of Dixie tunes, with Frederick Hodges at the piano. He has performed with illustrated songs at previous West Coast Ragtime Festivals, the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, the Shasta Silent Film Festival, and, earlier this year, at the Corte Madera Centennial’s Ragtime Night festivities. Sean is an original member of 42nd St. Moon Productions and has appeared in over 20 of that company’s productions. Read more.
David Shepard has had a major influence on the archival movement in the United States for the past 40 years. His impact on the field and substantial accomplishments over the last 35 years make him a worthy recipient of the AMIA Silver Light Award.* For those who he has worked with, assisted or mentored, David has been a ready resource and an inspiration. He is always willing to share information ...read more.
Patrick Skiffington is a native of Sacramento who honed his chops within the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He is an alumnus of The New Traditionalists, the educational youth band of the STJS. Originally a bass player; Patrick switched to washboard a few years ago, as it is MUCH easier to carry. He is one half of the comedy and jazz duo The FreeBadge Serenaders (along with Greg Sabin) as well as the anchor of the rhythm section of...read more.
Adam Swanson is rapidly becoming known as one of the world’s foremost performers and historians of ragtime and early American popular music. He recently received his B.A. in classical piano performance and is now in his second year of graduate studies as a musicology student at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Although Adam is only 24 years old, he has been a featured performer...read more.
Virginia Tichenor has been consumed by ragtime her entire life, as the daughter of Trebor Tichenor, the noted ragtime scholar, pianist, collector and founder of  the St. Louis Ragtimers. She studied music at the St. Louis Community Association for the Arts and took advanced training from concert pianist, John Phillips. Always at the crossroads of the ragtime revival, her parental home houses the world's largest library of ragtime sheet music and piano rolls...read more.
Stephanie Trick “has come to practically dominate the stride piano field,” notes reviewer Jack Rummel. Harlem stride piano, which developed in the 1920s and '30s, is an orchestral style of two-handed piano playing that not only swings, but is also technically demanding and exciting to watch. Louis Mazetier, a respected interpreter of this genre, writes in the Bulletin of the Hot Club of France that she has “won the esteem of specialists in the genre...more.

Youth Performers
Ramona Sidney Baker is 15 years old and has been playing ragtime for four years under Virginia Tichenor, but she has been interested in ragtime for many more years than that. She credits her father, noted jazz musician Clint Baker, as the one who first interested her in this addictive music. Ramona hunts down the oldest examples of recorded Ragtime on cylinders and early disk records. She will be performing some of the rarest pieces at the festival. Read more.
Diego Bustamante, from Paradise California, became interested in ragtime when, as a kid, he heard The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. The ragtime world discovered him at the West Coast Youth Ragtime Competition five years ago. Since then he has appeared at Sutter Creek and West Coast festivals plus several youth concerts. He has been studying piano for eight yearsfive of those year with Dr. Robert Bowman. Diego is now working on his first CD...read more. 
Michael Chisholm is from Houston, Texas, and has grown up in a musically appreciative family. His first music training was in middle school, where he learned to play the xylophone and marimba. Eventually, he graduated to piano. Michael's first exposure to ragtime was watching JoAnn Castle play on a rerun of the Lawrence Welk Show. From that moment, he knew ragtime was his style of music. Since then, he has composed over 50 rags...read more.
Florian Krüger plays both piano and accordion. He has had 13 years of music education and mainly plays ragtime. Florian is also a ragtime composer and mainly composes classic ragtime. He is an entertainer and performs five nights a week at the Park Hotel in Idar-Oberstein. You can find many of his performances and humorous videos on YouTube. Florian is also broadcaster of his own online radio channel "Joplin-Radio"...more.
Hailing from Hampshire, Illinois is the two-time Junior Champ of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest, 15-year-old Daniel Souvigny. He's been playing the piano since the age of 5, and started developing a big passion for ragtime at the age of 9. Daniel has had the honor of performing at the Eagles and Ivories Ragtime Weekend in Muscatine, Iowa, the Eau Claire, Wisconsin Ragtime Festival and the 14th annual....more
Alethea Sung-Miller — Bio and picture to be added

Ryan Wishner began playing the piano at the age of 10, and was immediately drawn toward ragtime. He now plays a wider variety of music ranging from the mid-1800’s through the 1930’s. Rather than basing his performances strictly on the printed sheet music, he tries to imitate the style of piano rolls and phonograph records from when the music was popular. Ryan also collects the original sheet music, piano rolls, and records...read more.

Big Mama Sue & Fast Eddie began as a “casuals” duo in 1988 and has continued to this day to enchant general audiences with a mix of Americana, Ragtime, Early Jazz and Blues, and much much more. Although this is their first appearance at a Ragtime Festival, the duo have a wide repertoire of ragtime and ragtime era music which they are excited about presenting. Big Mama Sue (washboard, vocals): is a veteran...read more/
Ivory&Gold®Praised by The L.A. Jazz Scene as a musical duo that can “draw out the beauty in the rich melodies and play the music...with taste, sensitivity, and a real affection for the idiom,” Ivory&Gold® celebrates the greatest examples of American jazz, blues, ragtime, Broadway and hits from the Great American Songbook. Internationally renowned American musical performer and historian Max Morath calls Ivory&Gold® “...read more.

The Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra is a group of about 10 musicians dedicated to playing and preserving turn- of-the-century ragtime music. The Ragtimers, organized in 1980 by music teachers from Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, coastal towns south of San Francisco play dance and...read more.

The Porcupine Ragtime Ensemble began about 1983 (not 1909, as they often claim) when Elliott Adams and Petra and Bub Sullivan started playing together as a trio at the Sacramento Ragtime Society sessions to explore harmonies and Elliott's sheet music collection. Over the years the group has expanded to its present size and instrumentation. The Porcupine repertoire ranges from folk rags to tangos, cakewalks, classical...read more.

Ragnolia Ragtette mixes the elegant to humorous gems of the ragtime era with some of the newer, favorite contemporary rags. Listen as this artful combination of 4-hand piano, tuba and percussion present parlor tunes that burst forth in high ragtime style. Playing the music that originated from the recreational houses on one side of the tracks and later made its way to...read more.
Raspberry Jam Band has become part of the music scene in the Sacramento, Sierra Foothills and Bay Area. They have participated in the Ragtime Corner of the Sacramento Music Festival (formerly known as the Jazz Jubilee), the West Coast Ragtime Festival, the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, Music for Humanity, Music on the Divide...read more.

Sullivans and Drivons offer an array of contemporary and classic rags, including Latin tangos and waltzes, plus ragtime and novelty songs.  Among the pillars of the Sacramento Ragtime Society, the Sullivans have been part of the ragtime world for over 20 years.  They have had the rather unique pleasure of being interviewed and performing in China for Shanghai television....read more.

Seminar Presenters 
See the Seminars Page for details about each seminar, or click the seminar titles below.
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Max Morath 
Topic: "Mr. Joplin and Mr. Blake"

Max Morath occupies a unique space as a spokesman for American music and popular culture. He played a key role in the revival of ragtime in the 1970’s with his Off-Broadway show Turn of the Century (1969). Other productions followed until he retired from performing in 2007, having logged over 5000 engagements in the USA and Canada. Read more.
Ramona Sidney Baker 
Topic: "Freddy Hylands: The First Rag-Time Studio Pianist and the Early 'Rag' Craze"

Ramona hunts down the oldest examples of recorded Ragtime on cylinders and early disk records. She will be performing some of the rarest pieces at the festival in addition to presenting her seminar. Read more.
Richard Dowling 
Topic: "But I Could Play It at Home! - Memorization Techniques at the Piano"

Richard appears regularly throughout the United States in solo recitals, at chamber music festivals, ragtime & jazz festivals, and as guest soloist with orchestras. Career highlights include concerts in New York at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall and at Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall, and a special award from the National Federation of Music Clubs recognizing his outstanding performances of American music. Read more.
Andrew Greene 
Topic: "Sissle & Blake’s Shuffle Along: A Musical Treasure"

Andrew has appeared at leading venues including The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The Library of Congress, The American Film Institute, and has traveled across the United States to perform, conduct, and lecture on the music of America’s past. Read more.
Jack Rummel  
Topic: "Country Ragtime"

A composer and reviewer, Jack has hosted the weekly ragtime radio program KGNU's Ragtime America since 1980. He is also founder and co-producer of the annual Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival. He practiced dentistry in Boulder, Colorado for over 30 years, retiring in 2002. He is a tireless promoter of ragtime music and its performers. Read more. 

Dance Instructors - Check back for dance instruction schedule.
Richard "Rich" Duree, new to Sacramento in 1960, worked for the Department of Justice. A colleague invited him to go to a dance concert on a Sunday afternoon at the Memorial Auditorium. They were late, and the first thing he saw when they entered was a performance of the Ukrainian Hopak. It took his breath away because he knew that these were not professional dancers and that he could do that, too! Richard became "hooked. He'd been active ..read more.
Stan Isaacs is a vintage dance and folk dance leader and teacher in the San Francisco Bay area. Stan began teaching folk dance around 1958 while attending Antioch College in Ohio. In the mid-1980s, he discovered Vintage Dancing when he sponsored a workshop with Richard Powers at his folk dance group. Stan arrived in the Bay Area in 1964, and soon began teaching at the UC Berkeley folk dance club, but he also danced in San Francisco, Menlo Park...read more.
Piano Accompanists
Stanley Stern has been playing music for the dance instruction at the Sacramento Ragtime Festival for the past ten years. He often plays with a piano partner but for the 2015 Ragtime Show he will be playing with Mario Ojeda. Mario is a senior music student of violin at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Mario’s master violin teacher is Paul Severtson, the concert Master of the SLO Symphony Orchestra. He recommended Mario to Stanley for performances...read more.
Mario Ojeda, born in Chula Vista, California started playing the violin at 12 years of age. He learned much of the classical symphonic pieces quickly and soon was asked to join several noted performing groups in this area. These include Opera San Luis Obispo, Symphony of the Vines, SLO Symphony Orchestra, Santa Maria Philharmonic, Cuesta Master Chorale. His teacher, Paul Severtson introduced him to Stanley Stern, who introduced him to Ragtime music...more.
Special Presentation
Sean Sharp (vocals) and Frederick Hodges (piano) present Dixie Days: Song Slides of the Sunny South, a unique and completely new program of illustrated songs from the ragtime era, all celebrating the American South. Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the period rhapsodized about life in the South, creating an idyllic vision of Dixie that helped to reinforce a “moonlight and magnolias” myth that persisted for decades in the minds of millions. Lantern-slide manufacturers of song slides further helped the popularization of this myth by adding a visual element to the mix, enhancing the song products with beautifully hand-colored, live-model slides. Come join us as we take you south of the Mason-Dixon line and regale you with a sunny mix of Dixie-inspired tunes. All slides are from the Marnan Collection. Introduction by Max Morath.

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