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2015 WCRF Seminars
November 20, 21, and 22
Updated 11/8/2015. Previous update 10/31/2015

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Bill Edwards - "Publishers - The Necessary Evil for Ragtime Era Composers"
Sunday, Noon, Junior Ballroom
A discussion of the origins of music publishing as a national industry rather than small regional businesses, the multiple roles that a publishing organization had to take on to bring the music to market and promote it, and the oft-strained and suspect relationships between publishing firms and their suppliers, mainly the composers. Several interesting little-heard stories about unique promotions, publishing deals, suspect song-poem publishers, and self-publishers.

Larry Karp - "A Re-evaluation of The Ragtime Kid"
Saturday, 12:30 pm, Junior Ballroom
     Many ragtime enthusiasts regard Sanford Brunson (Brun) Campbell as a ragtime sideshow of sorts, a well-meaning acolyte of Scott Joplin's, but not a terribly important figure in his own right.
     However, a recent discovery of historical and musical manuscripts, photographs, 78rpm recordings, business records, and personal effects in a home in Venice, California has revealed that Brun's works were of considerable, even pivotal, significance in both the c1900 heyday of ragtime and the initial ragtime revival of the 1940s. And even if he couldn't tell a story straight if his life depended on it, well, maybe that didn't terribly matter.
     Working from material that will appear in their forthcoming book and CD, Larry Karp and David Reffkin will tell the updated and revised 50+ year story of Brun Campbell, ragtime performer, composer, revivalist, promoter, historian.

Max Morath  -"“Ragtime Current: The New Composers”
Friday, 10:30 am, Junior Ballroom
Sunday, 1:00 pm, Junior Ballroom.

Max Morath explores the remarkable production of new ragtime piano compositions by today’s musicians. Drawing on lengthy interviews, he quotes a number of these composers on how, when, and why they determined to revisit this demanding but irresistible piano tradition.

John Reed-Torres - "John William "Blind" Boone--The Triumph of Genius in the Face of Adversity"
Saturday, 11:30 am, Junior Ballroom

Mr. Reed-Torres will present a look into the life and times of Concert Pianist and Composer, Mr. John William "Blind" Boone. Blind Boone was born during the American Civil war. His mother was an ex-slave, and his father was a bugler in the Union Army. He would grow, and live during one of the most bitter-sweet and tumultuous chapters of American history. Although blind to the world around him, Mr. Boone was not exempt from the trials and tribulations which were experienced by people of 'color' in the Post-Reconstruction American South. However, his genius and kind heart, along with the help of dear friends and steadfast supporters, catapulted Mr. Boone to the fame, recognition, and respect he so deserved.

David Reffkin - "The Stunning Legends and Secret Legacies of Bob Wright"
Sunday, 11:00 am, Junior Ballroom

If ever a ragtime pianist were “the one who got away,” it was Bob Wright, an eccentric genius and almost unknown figure beyond Chicago’s popular music scene. He played only in local venues, rarely recorded, gave few interviews, and became increasingly isolated as health problems devastated his career and life. But with his remarkable brain he could absorb and replicate musicians, machines, and entire genres. His perceptive comparisons of musical patterns, regardless of cultural origins, were worthy of a professional ethnomusicologist. Yet his immense abilities were matched by an equally impressive lack of recognition from much of the ragtime community and audiences at large.

Galen Wilkes - "Syncopating Celluloid"
Saturday, 1:30 pm, Junior Ballroom

Galen Wilkes presents film appearances of the music, dances and people of ragtime; from the 1890s to the 1960s. From home movies to TV to Hollywood. Wonderful historic footage and plenty of famous names!