West Coast Ragtime Society
Dedicated to the preservation and promtion of Ragtime and vintage American music.
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Welcome to the West Coast Ragtime Society web site where you will find information on our annual Ragtime Festival, ragtime event calendars, and ragtime links. Our annual Festival is held the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. Click here to jump to the Festival Home Page.

What is the West Coast Ragtime Society? The West Coast Ragtime Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization established for the preservation and promotion of Ragtime and vintage American music. 

The Society produces the world's premiere annual ragtime festival in Sacramento, California, the ragtime capital of the world! There's lots and lots of great music from the finest musicians and groups from the U.S. and other countries, spread over three days in convenient multiple venues, including dancing, all at a very reasonable price. This well-managed festival can proudly state that no other festival offers such a terrific program!

The Society was founded by ragtime enthusiasts in Fresno, California in the 1980s. The first ten festivals were produced in Fresno from 1987 to 1996. In 1997, the Society transferred its base of operations and the Festival to Sacramento. The 28th Festival will be held November 21 through 23, 2014.

Your WCRS Membership Will Be Well Appreciated Annual membership dues in the Society are $20 for Individual Membership and $30 for Couple Membership. (Membership becomes due on December 31 of each year.) To join or renew your membership, CLICK HERE. Your membership serves as a vote of confidence, helps cover Society expenses, nets you discounts for WCRS sponsored concerts, places you on the mailing list to receive our West Coast Ragtimer published two or three times per year, and makes you welcome at WCRS Board meetings (not to mention, vulnerable for volunteer work). Click here for archived newsletters.

When does the Society meet? The Society meets once a year for the Annual Meeting which is held during the Festival. At the meeting, the membership elects the Board of Directors and conducts other business that may come before the Society. Throughout the remainder of the year, the Board of Directors meets once a month in Sacramento, CA to conduct Society business and plan the annual Festival. Members are always welcome to attend any Board of Directors meeting. 

Tax Deductible Contributions We will be pleased to accept your tax deductible contributions to the Society.  If you wish to join the Society and also make a contribution, go to Membership Page. Or if  you wish to be on our mailing list and also make a contribution, go to Mailing List Page.

Mailing List For no charge, we will place you on our mailing list to receive information about the West Coast Ragtime Festival and ragtime events that we sponsor in the Sacramento, California area. Go to Mailing List Page to request that we add  you to the list.

More Information? Contact us.

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Local Events of Interest
Click on performer's name for details.
NOTE: This is a PARTIAL LISTING for California and western states. For full listings use the Calendars menu (top of the page) and select
West Coast States. See also  What's New.
Nov 15
4:00 pm
S.F. International Boogie Woogie Festival SF JAZZ Center, San Francisco CA
Nov 14
5-8:00 pm
Ray Skjelbred 
Pier 23 Cafe
San Francisco, CA
Nov 20
1 - 4:00 pm
Eldorado Syncopators 
Twin Oaks Tavern
Penngrove, CA
Nov 20-22
Times vary
2015 West Coast Ragtime Festival  Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova, CA
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