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The 27th annual West Coast Ragtime Festival will be held November 22-24, 2013 at the Clarion Inn (formerly the Red Lion) in Sacramento, California.  Below is the list of performers scheduled to appear as of 4/28/2013..
Solo Performers
Cleve Baker, as a youngster after the War, was turned on to the Traditional Jazz of Lu Watters that he heard on the radio, including live ragtime played by Wally Rose, long before ragtime was revived by The Sting. He was "hooked" by the history of the music, its composers and how it has played a role in the social historyof the United States. Cleve did his first paying gig at the Red Garter, during his senior year at Stanford Medical School...more.
Clint Baker will be leading our West Coast Marching Band this year, plus playing sets with Big Mama Sue & Fast Eddie. He may also appear on other special sets on bass or tuba. The following accolades give you a sense of this still-young musician’s contributions to the world of traditional jazz. We are delighted that Clint be at this year’s festival...more.
Jeff Barnhartwhile now a highly regarded pianist, vocalist, arranger, bandleader, recording artist, composer, pedagogue and entertainer, Jeff had very humble beginnings. Jeff began his professional career at age 14 playing and entertaining four nights a week in a restaurant in his home state of Connecticut. Here he began to learn the classic swing, jazz and ragtime repertoire of the early 20th century. Jeff put himself through college playing throughout New England...more

Andrew E. Barrett comes from a musical family and was brought up hearing a wide variety of music in the house, from traditional jazz and swing that is his father's favorite, to the classic rock and world music enjoyed by his uncle, to the classical music, operetta, and ragtime favored by his grandfather. Although he enjoys all of this music, Andrew really latched onto the ragtime, and, also propelled by his discovery of automatic musical  instruments and their music (also at a young age), his musical path...more

Mimi Blais. For Mimi, ragtime music became a way to discover her many talents as an entertainer, story-teller, communicator, educator, director, actress and composer. Classically trained (started piano at age 7, then entered the Quebec City Conservatory of Music, L.Mus, B.Mus in performance & a Concert Diploma at McGill University in Montreal, where she now lives). Whatever the style of music she chooses to play, she receives unanimous praise from the public...more.

Tom Bopp has made his living as an entertainer since 1982, performing a wide range of piano and vocal music. In spring of 1983, Tom signed on at the historic Wawona Hotel in Yosemite National Park, and continues to perform there nightly in the hotel’s piano parlor. Born in southern California (1957) and raised in Torrance, Tom was introduced to the keyboard by his older brother Steve, who taught him how to play Chopsticks on their parents’ newly acquired fifty-dollar upleft piano...more.

Chris & Jack Bradshaw. With 88 keys and 20 fingers at their disposal, classically trained ragtime piano duo artists, Jack and Chris, of Gilroy California, lefteously proclaim having the most piano keys held down at any one time--many of them left! Not going for speed, their quest is for clarity and classic ragtime charm as their fingers dance off the keyboard to Jack’s four-hand arrangements of popular rags, cakewalks, marches and novelty numbers....more.
Tom Brier was born in October, 1971 in Oakdale, California, a farming community in the Great Central Valley south of Sacramento. When he was four, his parents bought an old Schubert mechanical player piano, and soon he was picking out tunes he heard on the piano rolls. Aware that their son had talent, his parents enrolled him with a local piano teacher when he was five, and in a short time he was composing and notating his own music...more.
Alisa Clancy, as a teenager growing up in San Diego in the 1970's, first got interested in jazz while in Jr. High band (she played drums and piano) and has always fostered a nerdy interest in pop culture, the theater, classical music and film. She managed to combine all of those interests while in college working at stations WKYU in Bowling Green Kentucky during undergrad. school...more. (Alisa will be an emcee at this year's festival.)
Jared Di Bartolommeo. An engineering graduate of University of California at Irvine, Jared helps revive ragtime for a new generation. Jared was first exposed to ragtime at the age of two when his father played the Maple Leaf Rag on the home piano. The syncopated rhythms left an impression on Jared, and at age eight he started taking formal piano lessons. Within a year and a half, he was playing The Entertainer. After receiving a folio of Scott Joplin’s rags and some recordings...more.
Marty Eggers. Terry Waldo describes Marty as having "an encyclopedic knowledge of the ragtime and early jazz repertoire".  He has played with numerous Bay Area jazz and ragtime groups, including the Yerba Buena Stompers, John Gill's San Francisco Jazz Band and the Black Diamond Jazz Band. In addition to solo piano, Marty appeared at the festival for years as bassist with the Bo Grumpus Trio. He has also appeared with the Tichenor Family Trio...more.

Ann Gibson, vocalist, has been gracing Bay Area stages for over 10 years with her velvety voiced renditions of tunes from the 1920’s, ‘30’s and ‘40’s. She has worked as staff vocalist for the Black Tie Jazz Orchestra during that time, and has also appeared with other groups such as the Martini Brothers Band and the Peninsula Pops Orchestra. Her love of American popular song has also brought her together with great piano artists such as Frederick Hodges and Tom Bopp....more.

Gary Greenlund

Rosemary Hallum, pianist, is also known as “Rosie,” writer for American Rag (with her monthly column “Rosie’s Corner”), Clavier piano magazine and Body Fitness magazine of Spain. Rosie enjoys playing ragtime and novelty, built upon a classical background. She has performed at the Ragtime Corners of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and at the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, plus piano festivals in Amalfi, Italy; Manchester, England; and Sopron, Hungary. She studies with Frederick Hodges...more.

Alex Hassan is a Northern Virginia pianist immersed in the musical styles and arrangements of the 1920s and 30s. He recreates the melodies of the Golden Age of popular music using resources of syncopated/novelty piano solo 78s, a comprehensive sheet music collection, classical training and an intense love of the music. Alex has performed worldwide at the Smithsonian, Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival, Stanford University, a party for the Gershwin family in Manhattan...more.

Frederick Hodges specializes in the piano music and popular songs of the ragtime era, the 1920s, and the 1930s. Classically trained and groomed for a career as a concert pianist, he was happily lured away from this path after he discovered a stack of 1920s sheet music in this grandmother's piano bench. Exposure to the rollicking rhythms of player pianos and 78 RPM phonograph records sealed his fate, and he set out to master the ragtime and novelty piano playing styles that had captivated him...more.

Brian Holland has rapidly become one of the most lauded performers of ragtime and stride piano in America. Constantly developing new and exciting styles of performance, Brian continues to enthrall audiences by combining impressively dexterous pyrotechnics with a very laid-back approach. The result is remarkable accuracy and flair with seemingly little or no effort. Beginning his musical existence at the age of three, Brian grew up living a "Ragtime Life." His grandparents...more.

Steve Johnson has been playing and performing Scott Joplin Ragtime since 1983. His original exposure to ragtime was the soundtrack to "The Sting", and since then, Steve has focused his repertoire on the works of Ragtime's King, Scott Joplin. In addition to ragtime, Steve has been performing locally for 14 years as a singer-songwriter for various Sacramento based bands, and has recently finished his second recording project of original songs.

Scott Kirby, pianist/composer, specializes in distinctly American musical styles which include Classic Ragtime, New Ragtime, Creole Music and Terra Verde. As a performer, he is also an educator, providing historical context and musical insight into the program as it unfolds. Whether on the concert stage or in the classroom, Kirby offers a musical experience which is both informative and intimate, educational yet highly personal. Each presentation is unique and may include examples from...more.

Carl Sonny Leyland. Born in the south of England in 1965, Sonny took up piano at age 15. His inspiration was the Boogie Woogie music of Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson & Meade Lux Lewis. Fascinated by this style, Leyland traced it back to it’s Barrelhouse roots, incorporating the stylings of Jimmy Yancey, Cow Cow Davenport, Little Brother Montgomery and other notables into his own playing...more.
Jonathan Meredith has been playing finger-style ragtime guitar for about 40 years. He plays both nylon and steel string guitars for both classical rags and parlor rags as well as ragtime arrangements of original, popular, jazz, novelty tunes from the 30's and 40's. He plays in and around the foothill area of Nevada City and Grass Valley. In the mid 1980's he produced a series called "Ragtime" in Nevada City featuring piano, guitar, dancing, slideshows, history, cakewalks...more.
Larisa Migachyov was born in Russia and began her classical piano training at the age of 5.  After immigrating to the United States, she quit music for many years, until, by pure chance, she saw a flyer advertising the San Antonio Ragtime Society on a supermarket bulletin board.  She attended one of the meetings and was instantly hooked.  A year later, she composed her very first rag, the Purple Chicken Rag, and premiered it at the 2006 Scott Joplin Festival in Sedalia, MO...more.

Ezequiel Palleja, Argentine composer and pianist, has been a devoted performer of Ragtime and early jazz for over half a century. He became a fan of New Orleans Jazz in 1958, when he heard a 78 rpm of Alligator Crawl and Willie the Weeper, by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven. By age 16, Ezequiel directed his own first jazz band, the “Tiempos Viejos Jazz Band,” and taken part in several other Argentine bands since then...more.

Robert Scott (Bob) Ringwald was born November 26, 1940 in a small community 14 miles northeast of Sacramento, California which later became Citrus Heights. Rumors of his virgin birth, being abandoned by wolves and being raised by parents, living in a log cabin, chopping down a cherry tree, throwing a half dollar across the Potomac River and walking 10 miles to and from school (uphill both ways) in the snow are grossly exaggerated...more.

David Thomas Roberts is a composer-pianist, writer and visual artist and has been hailed by many as New Ragtime's leading figure. Born in Moss Point, Mississippi in 1955, he was composing, painting and writing stories by age eight. He wrote his first rag in 1971, at which time he was especially interested in the music of Erik Satie, Scott Joplin, Charles Ives and Alexander Scriabin, whose work he encountered and studied independently of any teacher. Since then he has composed...more.
Jack Rummel has pursued the piano as an amateur most of his life. A composer and reviewer, he has hosted the weekly ragtime radio program KGNU's Ragtime America since 1980. He is also founder and co-producer of the annual Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival. He practiced dentistry in Boulder, Colorado for over 30 years, retiring in 2002. He is a tireless promoter of ragtime music and its 
performers; his recording for Stomp Off and his recent CD releases of Brun's Boys...more
: Jack Rummel cannot attend the festival this year. He is fine but is still dealing with flood damage from the Colorado flooding earlier this year. We will miss Jack and are hopeful that he can return next year.

Christoph Schmetterer started taking cello lessons at the age of eight. Not until he was nineteen did he start composing and playing the piano, which has become his preferred instrument. His first works were rags, and ragtime remains in the centre of his almost 200 compositions. Apart from that, he composes dances, marches and sacred music. He writes not only for piano, but also for orchestra, band and choir He plays the organ at mass every Sunday in the small village of Wildungsmauer...more.

Sean Sharp is glad to be back for his fourth West Coast Ragtime Festival; this year, he will give a seminar on his favorite ragtime-era singer, Eddie Morton. Sean’s last ragtime appearance was at the 15th Annual Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, performing his illustrated-songs show with Frederick Hodges. He is an original member of 42nd St. Moon Productions; some of his favorite roles with that company have been in “The Good Companions,” “Darling of the Day” and....more.
Patrick Skiffington is a native of Sacramento who honed his chops within the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society. He is an alumnus of The New Traditionalists, the educational youth band of the STJS. Originally a bass player; Patrick switched to washboard a few years ago, as it is MUCH easier to carry. He is one half of the comedy and jazz duo The FreeBadge Serenaders (along with Greg Sabin) as well as the anchor of the rhythm section of The Crescent Katz; a tightly-knit small combo...more.
Squeek Steele, pianist, composer, teacher, entertainer, holds a Guinness World Record (1990 book, p. 18 under Squeek Moore) for playing more pieces of music on piano from memory. Classically trained at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, she plays a wide variety of musical styles from many different eras. She has performed internationally (Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Germany) as well as in the U.S. (New York, Wyoming, Virginia, Connecticut). She lives in the historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, where she teaches elementary music as well as piano students, and performs...more.
Stanley Stern & Marti Lindholm. Marti grew up in San Luis Obispo and like Stanley, also started studying piano at an early age. Later she graduated with degrees in piano performance and a PhD in music education. Stanley graduated with degrees in musical theater, and also obtained a PhD in the education of gifted and talented children. When Stanley and Marti met they became a piano duo and now perform in many locations around...more.
Adam Swanson, from the small town of Shenandoah, Iowa, is rapidly becoming known as one of the world’s foremost performers and historians of ragtime and early American popular music. Adam has studied piano with Waleed Howrani of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory. Although he is only eighteen years old, he has been a featured performer at ragtime and jazz festivals across the United States. Adam is the youngest three-time winner of the World...more.
Virginia Tichenor has been consumed by ragtime her entire life, as the daughter of Trebor Tichenor, the noted ragtime scholar, pianist, collector and founder of  the St. Louis Ragtimers. She studied music at the St. Louis Community Association for the Arts and took advanced training from concert pianist, John Phillips. Always at the crossroads of the ragtime revival, her parental home houses the world's largest library of ragtime sheet music and piano rolls. Virginia grew up with legends like Eubie...more.
Kitty Wilson. Wearing her elegant Ragtime Era costumes, "Washboard Kitty" Wilson plays her special embellished washboards with thimble-tipped fingers, adding brushes, cymblols, bells and castanets as needed. She has provided her subtle, versatile percussion accompaniment to top ragtime pianists at this Festival for many years, as well as in the Sutter Creek, Scott Joplin (Sedalia) and Blind Boone Festivals, and in collaborative concert performances in California, Nevada...more.
Special Guest
Max Morath occupies a unique space as a spokesman for American life and music. He played a key role in the revival of ragtime music in the 1970’s, following his Off-Broadway one-man show Turn of the Century (1969.) Four touring productions followed, each one launched off-Broadway in New York or at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. -- most recently Living a Ragtime Life and 2004’s Ragtime and Again. He retired from performing in 2007, having logged over 5000 engagements in...more.
Youth Performers
Diego Bustamante, age 14, has been playing piano for seven and a half years. He lives in Paradise, Calif., where he studies with Dr. Robert Bowman. Diego has just finished 8th grade at The Progressive Schoolhouse in Chico. Like so many others before him, Diego's interest in ragtime began when he heard The Entertainer by Scott Joplin. His interests outside of ragtime include birding and skiing.
Vincent Johnson, a teenaged pianist, composer, and transcriber, is dedicated to the preservation of 1920s & 1930s syncopated piano playing. He was first attracted to piano at age twelve, when he heard his friends playing Scott Joplin rags. Unable to play the piano at the time, he taught himself to play Maple Leaf Rag and The Entertainer by listening to recordings and watching other pianists play these pieces. During this same period, he enrolled in a music course at California State University...more.

Max Keenlyside, is a dazzling pianist and formidable composer and has made an auspicious entry into the music world. Born in 1991 and starting in music at the age of ten, he has written and performed music in ragtime, stride, and classical styles, gaining a reputation as a top young artist in his field. In 2009, Max represented Prince Edward Island in the National Artist’s Program, held in the conjunction with the Canada Games. A favorite at jazz and ragtime events around the world...more.

Florian Krüger. Coming all the way from Schmidthachenbach, Germany, a small village near Mainz, is Florian Krueger, who plays both piano and accordion. He has had thirteen years of music education and mainly plays ragtime. Florian is also a ragtime composer and you will be able to hear some of his works here at the festival. He performs five nights a week at the Park Hotel in Idar-Obenstein. You can find many of his performances on YouTube...more.
Enya Kuo first fell in love with ragtime when she found herself laughing while playing a piece. She is 17 years old and discovered ragtime not too long ago, but she hasn't been able to let go of it! She has performed at the West Coast Ragtime Festival and the Sacramento Music Festival as well as other ragtime concerts. In her spare time, Enya loves reading, writing, and eating dark chocolate.
Frank LiVolsi is a pianist from Rhode Island who began piano lessons at age seven. Beginning his musical education at the Knapp School of Music in Peace Dale, Rhode Island under the instruction of Mrs. Julia Tombello, Frank received classical training and only discovered a passionate interest in ragtime during his early teen years. Frank maintained a rich musical experience as a young adolescent. After mastering a repertoire of sufficient breadth...more.
Graham Messer is 11 years old and has been studying piano for three years. He lives in Berkeley, California, and studies piano with Frederick Hodges. Graham starts Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley in the Fall. Along with a passion for piano, Graham is an active composer who also enjoys mountain biking, playing the clarinet and trying new foods. His interest in ragtime probably started soon after birth, as he has spent his entire life listening to Uncle Frederick play the piano.
Morgan Siever, 16, is in her junior year at Carlyle High School. She has been studying piano since she was 6 ½ years old. This will be Morgan’s second time performing at the West Coast Ragtime Festival. In March 2011, Morgan won a competition sponsored by the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra. On November 13, 2011 Morgan performed at the Belleville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Tuerck Concert. Morgan was also chosen to accompany the University of Missouri...more.
Daniel Souvigny is a 13 year old who lives in Hampshire, IL. He loves music and has a big passion for ragtime. He has been playing the piano since the age of 5, and began serious technique training at the age of 10. He currently studies classical, jazz and ragtime music. In 2012, at the age of 11 years old, Daniel became one of the youngest to win 1st place in the Junior World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest in Peoria, IL. He's had the honor of performing at the Eau Claire...more

John Reed-Torres was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. The first time John recalls hearing a hint of Ragtime was during school recess in fifth grade. An ice cream truck came creeping along to the A theme of Joplin’s 'The Entertainer.' John smiles, "Right then and there ragtime bit me, and simultaneously released multiple inner infatuations that I now have for antiquity, ranging from architecture to automobiles." more.

Ryan Wishner, now 16, started playing the piano about five and a half years ago, and immediately started playing ragtime. At first he only played Joplin rags, but now plays anything from L. M. Gottschalk to Zez Confrey pieces. Even though Ryan enjoys pretty much all ragtime, classic rags and ragtime pop-songs are his favorites. In 2012 Ryan bought an old player piano to help him learn songs from piano rolls. After listening to many piano rolls Ryan started trying to sound like...more.

Big Mama Sue & Fast Eddie began as a “casuals” duo in 1988 and has continued to this day to enchant general audiences with a mix of Americana, Ragtime, Early Jazz and Blues, and much much more. Although this is their first appearance at a Ragtime Festival, the duo have a wide repertoire of ragtime and ragtime era music which they are excited about presenting. Big Mama Sue (washboard, vocals): is a veteran of festivals, fairs and events all...more
The Crown Syncopators features the piano stylings of Frederick Hodges, with rhythm accompaniment by Marty Eggers and Virginia Tichenor, the Crown Syncopators were formed to perform at San Francisco's Pier 23, where each of its members also play piano monthly. Their repertoire is almost exclusively ragtime.
Ivory&Gold® is a musical ensemble celebrating the greatest examples of American jazz, ragtime, Broadway and Gospel hits. The group consists of Anne Barnhart on flute, Jeff Barnhart on piano and vocals, and Danny Coots on percussion and drums (Danny will not be at the 2012 festival). Ivory&Gold® has played to packed houses on 5 of the 7 continents, excluding Antarctica and Australia...more.

The Pacific Coast Ragtime Orchestra is a group of about 10 musicians dedicated to playing and preserving turn- of-the-century ragtime music. The Ragtimers, organized in 1980 by music teachers from Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, coastal towns south of San Francisco play dance and casual music written between 1885 and 1920. The band’s repertoire reflects the cares and...more.

The Porcupine Ragtime Ensemble began about 1983 (not 1909, as they often claim) when Elliott Adams and Petra and Bub Sullivan started playing together as a trio at the Sacramento Ragtime Society sessions to explore harmonies and Elliott's sheet music collection. Over the years the group has expanded to its present size and instrumentation. The Porcupine repertoire ranges from folk rags to tangos, cakewalks, classical rags, marches, waltzes...more.

Raspberry Jam Band. Formed in December 2005 and expanded in 2011, the Raspberry Jam Band has become part of the ragtime scene in concerts in the Sacramento and Sierra Foothills areas. They have participated for several years in the West Coast Ragtime Festival, the Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival, the Ragtime Corner of the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, and monthly ragtime society meetings...more.
The Ragnolia Ragtette mixes the elegant to humorous gems of the ragtime era with some of the newer, favorite contemporary rags. Listen as this artful combination of 4-hand piano, tuba and percussion present parlor tunes that burst forth in high ragtime style. Playing the music that originated from the recreational houses on one side of the tracks and later made its way to the upstanding respectable...more.
The Ragtime Skedaddlers - Dennis Pash on banjo-mandolin, Nick Robinson on mandolin, Dave Krinkel on guitar - were formed in 2008 to play ragtime string band arrangements from the original scores. Dennis Pash is well known to ragtime enthusiasts as the founder of the legendary Etcetera String Band. He is an extraordinarily expressive player. No one is better at bringing out the folk roots that underlie...more.

Sullivans and Drivons offer an array of contemporary and classic rags, including Latin tangos and waltzes, plus ragtime and novelty songs.  Among the pillars of the Sacramento Ragtime Society, the Sullivans have been part of the ragtime world for over 20 years.  They have had the rather unique pleasure of being interviewed and performing in China for Shanghai television....more

Seminars - Jump to seminar page, click here.
Bryan Cather - Seminar Topic: The Joplin Mythology
This seminar will take a critical look at many details of Scott Joplin's life that have, over the course of time, become accepted as "canon" but may or may not be true. As Bryan will discuss in his presentation, in some cases, logic and newly discovered information will show these long-held suppositions to be untrue, while in others they will serve to reinforce...more.
Andrew Greene - Seminar Topic: Step With Pep: The Music of Mel B. Kaufman
Come hear Andrew Greene's engaging and informative talk on the "King of The One Step", Mel B. Kaufman. Today Kaufman has fallen into the ranks of many obscure ragtime composers, but his works helped bridge the gap between ragtime and early jazz, and were frequently used in movies and cartoons. Featuring never-before-seen...more.
Max Morath - Seminar Topic: The Truth About Ragtime: Little-known facts and fictions...
Sounds controversial, and to some it might be. A bit tongue-in-cheek, but mostly reflections on the music and the times from Max Morath’s experience and study of it. 
David Reffkin - Seminar Topic: The Sting at 40: A Sure Bet that Paid 29-to-1
This movie accomplished what no other picture ever did: it thoroughly revitalized and re-popularized an entire genre of music. The Sting is the 1973 film that either introduced you to ragtime or verified what you already knew: Scott Joplin wrote neat music. But what is the hidden truth about the bestseller status of The Entertainer? ...more.
Sean Sharp - Seminar Topic: There’s Lots of Stations on My Railroad Track: The Life and Times of Eddie Morton, Vaudeville Singer. The seminar is on the life and times of popular vaudeville singer and recording artist Eddie Morton, whose recording career was from 1907-1917 and whose vaudeville career lasted into the late 1920s...more,
Bruce Vermazen - Seminar Topic: Those Entertaining Frisco Boys: Hedges Brothers and Jacobson. Charles Frederick (Freddie) Hedges (1886–1920), his brother Elven Everett Hedges (1889–1931), and Jesse Jacobson (1882–1959) got together in San Francisco’s Cafe District (now a part of the Tenderloin) in 1910. Elven was a celebrated ragtime pianist who also played saxophone and guitar, and all three sang and danced...more.
Dance Instructors - Click here for Dance Instruction Schedule.
Bruce Mitchell. Head Dance Instructor Bruce Mitchell returns to the West Coast Ragtime Festival. His career began in the 1950s and spans all types of dance, with an emphasis on vintage and folk dancing. Bruce is director of the Camtia Dance Ensemble, specializing in German dance, which has danced all over the Western United States, for nearly half a century. He is director of the annual Stockton Folk Dance Camp, and is President Elect of the National Folk Organization.
Richard "Rich" Duree, new to Sacramento in 1960, worked for the Department of Justice. A colleague invited him to go to a dance concert on a Sunday afternoon at the Memorial Auditorium. They were late, and the first thing he saw when they entered was a performance of the Ukrainian Hopak. It took his breath away because he knew that these were not professional dancers and that he could do that, too! Richard became "hooked. He'd been active in martial arts for many years...more.
Stan Isaacs is a vintage dance and folk dance leader and teacher in the San Francisco Bay area. Stan began teaching folk dance around 1958 while attending Antioch College in Ohio. In the mid-1980s, he discovered Vintage Dancing when he sponsored a workshop with Richard Powers at his folk dance group. Stan arrived in the Bay Area in 1964, and soon began teaching at the UC Berkeley folk dance club, but he also danced in San Francisco, Menlo Park...more.
Piano Accompanists - Stanley Stern & Marti Lindholm
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