2012 WCRF Silent Films
Updated 10/23/2012

The silent films for this year's festival are The Cure (1917) Charlie Chaplin, Felix Revolts (1923) Felix the cat,, and The Boat (1921) Buster Keaton. The piano accompanist will be Frederick Hodges. Film preservationist and historian David Shepard will provide opening remarks and be our projectionist. 
The Cure (1917)
Charlie Chaplin stars as a wealthy inebriate who checks on to a swanky spa to dry out but throws the place into chaos instead.
Felix Revolts (1923)
Felix the cat stars in this imaginative and hilarious comedy short in which he leads a revolution of the town's cats against a corrupt anti-cat mayor
The Boat (1921)
Buster Keaton stars in one of his greatest comedy shorts as a man who builds his own boat and takes his family on a pleasure cruise that ends in hilarious disaster when a freak storm ruins their trip.