2012 WCRF Seminars
November 16, 17, and 18
Updated 11/11/2012. Previous update 11/2/2012.

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Ragtime Emerges from the Shadows in Music and Word
  Sunday, 11:00 am - Noon, Camellia
Fred Hoeptner
Fred Hoeptner has long been fascinated by the embryonic “proto-ragtime” stages that preceded ragtime’s 1896 revelation to mainstream society. His illustrated presentation will survey what is known about this evolution and how we know it. Then he will reveal his recent discovery, from 1881, of the earliest published use of the word “rag” denoting a musical event found thus far and a theory of a potential origin for this meaning.
History of Boogie-Woogie, Part 2
  Sunday, Noon - 1:00 pm, Camellia
Carl Sonny Leyland
If you heard Sonny at the 2011 WCRF then you know he discussed Boogie—Woogie and illustrated the impact the first generation had on the second generation, sharing examples of early recordings to show how they influenced those that came after. This year Sonny is back to continue that discussion focusing this time on lesser know performers, demonstrating their styles and techniques by using recorded interviews with some of the some of the old-time players that discuss their experiences and the kind of places they where they played.
James P., Fats, The Lion, and Jelly - A Pianistic Comparison
  Saturday, 11:00 am - Noon, Camellia
Max Keenlyside

In this seminar presentation, Max Keenlyside will outline the various musical traits of several classic jazz and ragtime pianists. The goal is to demonstrate unique features of the old master's styles and their piano tricks through the use of historic recordings and live piano demonstrations. While a fair amount of technical music terminology is used, the presentation is geared to engage audiences of all abilities in a celebration of ragtime, stride and classic jazz music.
Brun Campbell - An Appreciation
  Saturday, Noon - 1:00 pm, Camellia
Larry Karp

The recent discovery of a major collection of writings, musical compositions, business records, correspondence, photos, and personal effects has expanded our knowledge of the life and accomplishments of Brun Campbell, "The Original Ragtime Kid of the 1890s." Brun has often been dismissed as a liar and poseur, but it now appears that both musically and historically, he represents an important "missing link" in ragtime. Larry Karp, who became interested in Brun while writing an historical-mystery trilogy, will use some of the newly-discovered material along with some first-hand research he has done to look at The Kid in this revised context.
Living A Ragtime Life
  Friday, 10:00 - 11:00 am, Camellia
  Sunday, 1:00 - 2:00 pm, Camellia

Max Morath

Max Morath is an honored guest at this year’s festival. He retired from playing and performing several years ago, but remains active as a writer, lecturer, and consultant. Max is here to share memories from his long career in the entertainment business and his role in the renaissance of ragtime. He’s here with his wife, photographer/writer Diane Skomars, with whom he published the book “The Road to Ragtime” in 1999. His seminar, “Living A Ragtime Life” will be presented twice during the festival weekend, and he’ll also appear as master of ceremonies in several special show events.
The Skeleton in Ragtime’s Closet: Coon Songs and the Loss of a Generation of Good Melodies
  Saturday, 11:00 am - Noon, Camellia
Jack Rummel
The popularity of classic ragtime in the early decades of the 20th century was overshadowed by the popularity of coon songs and their racist lyrics. Set to the newly popular syncopators of ragtime, they became synonymous with ragtime in the mind of the listening public, thus giving ragtime a “black eye” that took decades to overcome. Most coon songs had good melodies. A few have survived under various guises to be enjoyed today, but, sadly, most have been lost to us due to their ugly titles and lyrics. Some of these surviving melodies will be included in the presentation.