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Updated 10/17/2008
Prior Update 10/12/2008
Festival XXII Performer Pictures
The 22nd annual West Coast Ragtime Festival will be held November 21-23, 2008 at the Red Lion's Sacramento Inn in Sacramento, California.  Below is the Photo Gallery of the performers. For biographical information click on the performer's name or photo. As other performers are added to the lineup the page will be updated.
Individual Performers

Mimi Blais

Montreal, Canada

Tom Bopp

Fish Camp, CA

Nan Bostick

Menlo Park, CA

Jack & Chris Bradshaw
Gilroy, California

Tom Brier

Sacramento, CA

Shirley Case

Laguna CA

Yvonne Cloutier

Henderson, NV

Marty Eggers

Oakland, CA

Frank French

San Francisco, CA

Ann Gibson

Oakland, CA

Rosemary Hallum

Alameda, CA

Frederick Hodges

Berkeley, CA

Molly Kaufman

Denver, CO

Scott Kirby

Sand Point, ID

Morton Gunnar Larsen

Oslo, Norway

Carl Sonny Leyland

New Cuyama, CA

Dennis Pash

San Francisco, CA

Jim Radloff

Eau Claire, WI

Bob Ringwald

Placerville, CA

Jack Rummel

Niwot, CO

Hal Smith

La Jolla, CA

Martin Spitznagel

Pittsburg, PA

Butch Thompson

Saint Paul, MN

Trebor Tichenor

St. Louis, MO

Virginia Tichenor

Oakland, CA

Dick Zimmerman

Loves Park, IL
Youth Performers

Andrew Barrett

Costa Mesa, CA

Vincent Johnson

Sierra Madre, CA

Max Keenlyside

P.E.I., Canada

Will Perkins
Riverbank, CA

Tim Rotolo

Upland, CA

Adam Swanson

Shenandoah, Iowa

Stephanie Trick

St. Louis, MO


Ragtime Skedaddlers

San Francisco, CA


Pacifica, CA

St. Louis Ragtimers

St. Louis, MO

Sullivans & Drivons

Sacramento, CA

Fresno High School Band
Fresno, CA
Dance Instructors & Piano Accompanists

Bruce Mitchell

Cool, CA
(Head Instructor)

Richard Duree, Ruth Levin

Costa Mesa, CA

Stanley Stern & Nancy Piver
, Los Osos, CA

Seminar Leaders & Topics

Youth Master Class

Frederick Hodges

Silent Movies

Nick Langdon

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