2007 WCRF Seminar Lineup

Updated 10/7/07. Previous Update 9/27/07

Uncle Charlie's Hoosier Pals
By Nan Bostick (click here for presenter's bio)
In this fully illustrated presentation, complete with rare vintage recordings, Nan Bostick sketches the lives of Albert and Mose Gumble, Earle C. Jones, Louis Weslyn, Julia Niebergall, J. Russel Robinson, and other Indiana-bred tunesmiths her great uncle Charles N. Daniels worked with and promoted during his long career as a ragtime-era composer and music publisher.
And That Reminds Me...
By David Jasen (click here for presenter's bio)
Dave Jasen has spent his professional life in ragtime, from performing all over the world to amassing the world's largest ragtime sheet music and record collection, to having his compositions published and recorded to producing award-winning historical record albums, books, ragtime folios, radio shows, festivals, and landmark ragtime concerts. This talk will cover his involvement in ragtime and welcomes questions about all phases of ragtime throughout the past half-century.
Sedalia’s Contract with History
By Larry Karp (click here for presenter's bio)
Larry Karp, novelist and ragtime enthusiast, has long been intrigued by the extraordinary fact that John Stark offered Scott Joplin a royalties contract to publish "Maple Leaf Rag." Since he could find no satisfactory explanation, Larry set out to explore the matter via historical fiction, the result of which was the Los Angeles Times best-selling novel, "The Ragtime Kid." Larry will talk about the way a fiction writer goes about doing research, and will pass along some of the interesting and surprising information he uncovered.
A Topic Suggestion from George Gershwin
by Brad Kay (click here for presenter's bio)
In his preface to the folio Song Transcriptions (1932), George Gershwin fondly remembered several pianists who inspired his work, advanced the art of popular piano playing, and influenced pop music in general. The names of these worthies were: Mike Bernard, Les Copeland, Melville Ellis, Luckey Roberts, Zez Confrey, Victor Arden, and Phil Ohman. “What an intriguing group,” thought seminar presenter Brad Kay, “great pianists all, some famous, others obscure. What could be more fun than to expand on these gents, explore their careers, play rare recordings, and include guest artists to perform some of their works?” Who could ask for anything more? Thanks, George!
The Johnny Maddox Story
By Adam Swanson (click here for presenter's bio)
Adam Swanson, a personal friend of the famous ragtime pianist Johnny Maddox, presents the life, music, and career of this illustrious ragtime pianist who this year celebrated his 80th birthday. Swanson will discuss Maddox’s fascinating experiences touring in the 50s as a ragtime player and his friendships with many great musical pioneers, including Charles L. Johnson, W. C. Handy, Glover Compton, Glenn Rowell, Joe Jordan, and Nat King Cole. There will be recordings, photos, and maybe even a video presented.
HOT WAX – The Phonograph in Ragtime
By Galen Wilkes (click here for presenter's bio)
The earliest recordings of ragtime were captured on cylinders for the phonograph. These historic recordings were made from 1888 to 1929 then largely forgotten as disc records continued in popularity on 78s, then 45s & LPs. Galen Wilkes presents original recordings played on the original equipment, all from a century ago. The seminar will include a historic phonograph recording session as well! See and hear the original artists and artifacts of the ragtime era as they were enjoyed 100 years ago! This is living ragtime history!