2006 WCRF Seminar Lineup

This page updated 10/20/06

Ragtime's Mechanical Partner
By Stephen Kent Goodman (click here for presenter's bio)
Stephen Kent Goodman, ragtime composer and restorer of automatic instruments, illustrates how coin-operated player pianos, orchestrions, military band organs, and other mechanical instruments influenced the spread of ragtime, and inversely, how hearing ragtime on these machines promoted their use and popularity. This seminar presents some really rare stuff ? rags found only on nickelodeon or orchestrion rolls. Much appreciation to fellow AMICA and MBSI collectors for sharing such rarities especially for this presentation

The Life and Music of Harry Austin Tierney
By Eric Marchese (click here for presenter's bio)
Eric Marchese combines his own broad knowledge of ragtime and his career covering theater for a daily newspaper to give us a detailed look at the life and music of composer Harry A. Tierney. Tierney’s earliest published pieces were rags, but the New Jersey-born composer really made a name for himself as a songwriter and composer for the stage. (He’s known the world over for his beautiful waltz song “Alice Blue Gown” from the Broadway musical “Irene.”)

The Naked Dance: The Music of Storyville
By Terry Waldo (click here for presenter's bio)
Terry Waldo, ragtime headliner, author/historian, and producer, describes the music from Storyville, New Orleans’ famous red light district that existed around the turn of the century. Presenting details from his PBS television documentary on Storyville and his one-man show “The Naked Dance,” Terry also covers some of the famous composers and musicians who began their careers in Storyville, including Jelly Roll Morton, Tony Jackson, and Clarence Williams.

Roy Bargy: The Genius of Novelty Ragtime
by Robert Bradford (click here for presenter's bio)
Pianist and movie producer Robert Bradford presents original recordings, stories and never-before seen photos from Roy Bargy's personal scrapbook in detailing the career of this outstanding composer and pianist of novelty piano music. Bargy started off playing for silent movies, then for piano rolls and recordings, spending the years 1928-1940 with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra.

The Ragtime Machine 25th Anniversary
By David Reffkin (click here for presenter's bio)
The Ragtime Machine (“Music from the concert halls and barrooms of America”), produced and hosted by David Reffkin, began July 4, 1981. The program airs every week without reruns, co-hosts, substitute hosts, or missed shows – probably a broadcast record. In this seminar David includes highlights and unusual bits of music, interviews, and production pieces.

Music Is an Art - And That Includes Ragtime
By Mimi Blais
(click her fore presenter's bio)
Montreal’s Mimi Blais, one of the world's most popular and experienced ragtime pianists, describes how ragtime has enhanced her life as a performer. Noting that music is an art and art comes from the expression of the soul, Mimi discusses the importance of offering feelings, colors, vision, or even the story of a ragtime composition -- not just playing the correct notes. She provides hints on how to recover from mistakes and memory lapses (brain you-know-what's), deal with stage management issues (including crummy pianos), and acknowledge, involve, and relate to audiences (even ones you can't see). Performers and want-to-be's (not to mention Mimi fans), this symposium is for you.

Schedule: To be announced.